We’ll be there when our customers need us most, helping them recover and realize their idea of a better tomorrow.

We have a unique structure consisting of claims adjusters with vast experience, properly authorized and licensed by the Insurance Commissioner Office to handle claims for a wide variety of insurance product as: automobile, general liability, property, financial lines, bonds, aviation, marine accident health.  

What does this mean for our customers?

  • Working with claims professionals with real expertise. We are deepening our claims specialists’ expertise by product line for claims across Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. We have dedicated staff to cover your largest and most technically challenging claims by product line through our Express, Complex and Major Loss Centers of Excellence (COE)
  • A claims team that has more time to work with you. We can work in closer partnership with you throughout the claim process and also supports increased communication and clearer guidance, because we removed administration functions from our adjusters due to the dedicated staff supporting administration functions. 
  • Getting your claim to the right expert faster. We‘ve established dedicated First Notice of Loss teams. These teams will ensure that you’re aware which center of excellence will be managing your claim and provide the direct contact details for the specialist adjuster assigned to your claim.
  • A proactive service supported by claims data. Have made  major investment in technology for a more proactive, paperless environment. We’re also investing in upgrading our claims management system.
  • Faster claim settlement times. New technology, experts claims adjusters with smaller caseloads dedicated and focused on proactive claims handling, dedicated first notice of loss teams and improved processes combine to deliver an enhanced service.
  • Specialization by line of business, adjusters move from generalists to specialists. Segmentation by Center of Excellence, these are Express, Complex and Major claims. Right claim to right adjuster. Right-sizing. Right-sized teams and work loads. Process improvement, administrative work removed from adjusters. Technology Modern claims tools.

As part of our team, we have a group of specialists from various fields including engineers, accountants, and lawyers, among others. In addition, we have a highly-trained Catastrophe Response Team with a great deal of experience in handling catastrophe losses. All these elements combined, plus the financial capacity of AIG, allow us to consistently provided a personalized claims service that is fast, effective and of excellent quality.

At AIG Insurance Company - Puerto Rico, we are bound by a code of integrity and high professional ethics, essential to ensure our quality standards and to meet the expectations of all our clients.

Upon the occurrence of a loss and it’s notification to AIG, our claim personnel will contact you to explain the process. The following steps should be taken in consideration:

  1. Notify your insurance broker and/or authorized representative about any claim.
  2. Report the claim to us following their guidance. You may use the e-mail address.
  3. After we acknowledge your First Notice of Loss, always make reference to our claim number and assigned adjuster.
  4. Keep all claim related documents on hand.
  5. Your cooperation during a claim procedure is essential. Please provide all information requested to the assigned AIG adjuster.

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