Loss Control

Loss Control

Loss Control is a critical element that can impact a company’s on-going performance and financial stability.  At AIG Insurance Company - Puerto Rico we view loss control as an integral part of an insurance program.

  • Our loss control staff consists of professionals with extensive experience in general property protection, safety and security. Loss Control Consultants can provide tailor-made loss control programs and a variety of value-added services according to the needs and requirements of our clients. Our objective is to work with our clients to identify loss exposures and determine the controls needed to minimize the exposure and protect against it. A formal loss control program can have a positive impact in the control and reduction of exposures. Controlling losses has a positive effect on the insurance program cost and the operating efficiency of a business.

Facility surveys, focusing on Property perils, to identify and analyze conditions and exposures that could result in fire, water damage, flood, collapse, vandalism, etc.


  • Cost-effective recommendations tailor-made for the particular needs of each client.

  • Fire prevention inspections.

  • Evaluation of the existing fire fighting equipment’s adequacy; such as automatic sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, fire pumps, tanks, etc.

  • Facility surveys, focused on general liability exposures, to identify conditions that could lead to accident frequency.

  • Loss history analysis - we review your accidents and claims experience to spot trends, and identify any specific area that could be generating the incidents.

  • Construction site surveys are performed to assess and improve safety controls on-site. Construction projects are very hazardous environments and it is very important to have a loss control program to address the multiple exposures that exist.

  • Risk surveys for facilities with environmental coverage, to identify control procedures that reduce the possibility of environmental damage to both the insured facilities and surrounding properties.

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