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Comprehensive property, cargo, and liability solutions for both recreational and commercial marine-related businesses and activities.

Marine Value Proposition

AIG Marine has been operating for over 90 years, with presence in 50 countries. The value we bring to our clients is:

  • Relationships, expertise, and service
  • Largest Global footprint to handle Domestic and International needs
  • Coverage crafted by current and former Mariners that understand the risks first hand by our clients.
  • Dedicated Marine Claims team that specializes in Marine Property settlements and Liability litigation, across the globe.
  • Marine Loss Control Engineering - Experienced, Dedicated Loss Control, based on Proactive Loss Prevention, Reactive Loss Control and Communication
  • We round out existing AIG accounts – THINK MARINE in your cross-sell efforts


Focused Growth Products

  • Multinational Programs
  • Inland Marine
  • Marine Liability


  •  Cargo Insurance

           All risk and third party coverage for:


Exporters and importers


Multinational accounts (including captives)


Freight forwarders


Infrastructure projects (including Advanced Loss of Profits “ALOP” and Delayed Start-Up “DSU”)


Comprehensive coverage for goods in transit can be enhanced to include warehouse, storage or consolidation risks. Worldwide master policies, including locally admitted coverage as required, are available.

  •  Hull and Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Insurance

Hull and P&I insurance are underwritten for a wide range of risks, including:








Builders’ Risk

Bulk Carriers


Passenger vessels

General Cargo vessels


Supply vessels / crew boats   

Roll-on roll-off vessels


Research vessels

LNG-LPG carriers

  • Inland Marine

Targeting small to medium size risks, including Motor Truck Cargo, Installation Floaters, Contractors Equipment and Builder’s Risk, among others

  • Marine Liability Insurance

A wide range of liability coverages tailored for transportation and facility operators, including:


Stevedore’s Liability

Charterer’s Liability


Wharfinger’s Liability

Excess Marine Liabilities


Terminal Operator’s Liability   



Ship Repairer’s Liability