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Commercial Auto

This program is designed for fleet or non-fleet business.

  • Private Passenger 
  • Vans
  • Pick-up Trucks
  • Panel Trucks 
  • Light Trucks – GVW 10,000pds. or less
  • Medium Trucks- GVW 10,000pds. – 20,000pds.

  • Retail Businesses:  stores, flower shops, book stores, furniture stores, hardware stores, drugs stores, bakeries, grocery stores, etc.

  • Service Business:  laundry, funeral services, beauty salons, engineers, architects, accountands, plumbers, labs, law offices, printing services (other than newspaper and magazines distribution), electrical appliances sales and service, etc.

  • Financial Institutions

  • Manufacturing

  • Corporate Employee Fleets

Discounts:  Special discounts are available based on loss experience from previous three (3) years.

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