Managing environmental risks is now a high priority for a growing number of companies. Businesses face expensive litigation, mandated cleanups and large court awards threatening a company’s ability to remain competitive. A single pollution incident can cause business interruptions, erode assets, and hinder the ability to raise capital. AIG's environmental products can be customized to help protect your individual needs and loss.

Contractors Pollution Occurence (CPL/CPO)

Protects environmental and industrial contractors against claims for third-party bodily injury, property damage and environmental damage arising from pollution conditions caused while performing covered operations. The coverage applies to sudden and gradual pollution events and responds to cleanup costs, both on and off the work site. Occurrence coverage allows policyholders to report claims anytime during or after the policy period, provided that the covered damage occurred during the policy period. CPO provides coverage for events arising from the performance of covered operations by the insured or subcontractors, claims alleging improper supervision of subcontractors against the insured, and coverage for environmental work performed by the insured or subcontractor. CPO is also available in a claims-made basis as Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL).

Contractors Operations and Professional Services (COPS)

Addresses the needs of full-service environmental firms who perform field operations as well as professional services. The COPS program combines the coverage elements of our Contractors Pollution Liability and Errors & Omissions policies. By combining CPL and E&O under one form, potential gaps or overlaps in coverage are reduced.

Pollution Legal Liability SelectSM (PLL SelectSM)

Is a site-specific, environmental package policy with an easy-to-read menu of environmental coverage. Includes "on" and "off-site" coverage for property damage, bodily injury, cleanup costs triggered by pollution conditions, protection for environmental exposures related to owned transportation, vendor transportation and non-owned disposal sites. By purchasing such coverage, the client has protection for many potential environmental hazards associated with the ownership or operation of a facility. The coverage selections can be chosen to treat the unique and individual risks of different types of operations, whether it is a commercial office space or a hazardous waste treatment facility.

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