Airports / Ground Services Providers

Airports or Ground Service Providers

Airports, ground handlers and service providers deal every day with incidents that can impact people and/or property in different scales. Due to the nature of these losses, companies need to make sure they address both the economic and reputational impact which can potentially affect the continuity of their business.

Our team of experts can:

  • Provide a wide range of products and services globally to address specific insurance covers and risk management needs
  • Work in partnership with customers to efficiently and effectively handle claims, minimizing the economic and reputational risk
  • Improve a customer's risk and minimize the potential of unwanted events through our safety and loss control services

Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive product range
  • Carrier with the ongoing commitment to provide customers with innovative products
  • Significant capacity providing a “one stop shop” for brokers and customers
  • Ability to underwrite a large range of airports from private general aviation to large hub facilities
  • Access to risk management services to help customers safeguard not only their financial stability but also their reputation when claims occur
  • Solutions are available for airport contractors, major hub and international airports, air navigation service providers, airside concessionaires, fixed based operators, security providers, ground handlers, catering and cleaning services and aircraft refuellers


  • Automatic coverage for bodily injury and property damage
  • Specific coverage solutions for private general aviation through large hub facilities available by endorsement
  • Repair and overhaul coverage